DJ K – Killa Podcast V.91 (strictly jungle edition)

Forthcoming releases, exclusive dubs & a brand new track by yours truly

1. Kid B – Ambush
2. Meanstreak – Enemies
3. SixFootUnda & Synik – What Do You Want
4. Manifest – Spectrum Lights (DJ K Remix)
5. Nickynutz – Animalesque
6. Karunesh – Goa Sunset (Tony Jungle Remix)
7. Skru – Badboys No Like Police
8. Brian Brainstorm – Already Dead (Jungle mix)
9. General Malice – Fi Dead
10. Socle – Bad Like Yaz (D.I.S. meets T-Jah – E.O.T.F. Remix VIP)
11. Guinney Pepper – Lick Da Chalice (FeyDer & STP Remix)



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