DJ K – VK Drumstep Official Guest Mix

Special Drumstep mix for VK Drumstep Official!  Read the full interview at

1. DMented Intro
2. Frankie – Beam Up
3. Luminal (Revolver and Leona Remix) – Adeh
4. Killah – xKore
5. Bassline Maniacs – Bombs Away, Peep This & Bounce
6. Drop Your Head – Bong
7. Ridiculous (Tha Trickaz Remix) – Dope D.O.D.
8. WDGAFuck – Splitbreed & Muzzy
9. Ghetto Child – Tom Encore
10. Fear – Noya, Mute The News
11. White Horse – JumoDaddy
12. Death – Eptic
13. We Have The Technology – Doctor Werewolf
14. Pressure Cooker – Pegboard Nerds
15. Circus Weaponry (Urban Assault Remix) – Red Mob, HKFiftyOne
16. Lion (Eliminate Remix) – Ray Volpe
17. Throwback – Doverspike
18. Jamaican Thug – BassBrothers
19. On The Floor (Dion Timmer Remix) – AFK
20. Shut Down! – daPlaque
21. Here We Go – Spag Heddy



DRUMSTEP: When did you start playing this style, and where? From whom learned about this style?

DJ K: At the beginning of 2010 I got Bassnectar’s “Bass Head” and knew the sound was about to change. At a party in 2010 I heard a DJ open with the Sub Focus remix of Rusko’s “Hold On” and became obsessed with what was known then only as “half-time” drum & bass. I took to Soundcloud immediately and found underground producers making this sound. While visiting London UK at the end of the year, I published the mix “what is drumstep”, which admittedly now, is more scattered noise than what drumstep sounds like these days. A few months earlier I made a dub where I sped up the electro hit “N.A.S.A. Music” and half-timed it with a dubbed-out snare. I was feeling rather aggressive on this one particular trip, and with permission from Direct Feed out of Long Beach California, I made an exclusive drumstep remix of his and Rob Bliss’s track “Fuck The World”. I clearly remember playing in Austria early in 2011 (video on YouTube) trying to explain this genre to the promoters, and eventually dropping Skrillex edits to the unsuspecting crowds. It feels so long ago now, and I guess it is – but so much has changed since those first years.

What is Drumstep
Direct Feed & Rob Bliss “Fuck The World” (DJ K Remix)
Drumstep is Massive (Austria tour diary video 2011)

DRUMSTEP: What do you think about the future drumstep?

DJ K: To be blunt, most of it is shit. Not saying the production is bad, the production is actually tight and hard-hitting, but the majority of drumstep is re-using samples and bassline patterns we have heard from Skrillex ages ago. Due to the massive amounts of tracks sounding like this, those who have spent even a year in the genre, their ears will get tired and move on to a different kind of music. It is exhausting to go through all these releases just to find a few original or innovative producers trying something new these days. The future of the genre has got to evolve. Tropical, Twerk and Dub could and should (imo) become a part of drumstep. Even more hip-hop and guitar riffs could easily fit in there. Personally, I would love to hear more half-time jungle – ragga vocals with some chopped amens.

DRUMSTEP: What are your plans and upcoming releases?

DJ K: I produced a lot of jungle dubs the last couple of years, so right now they are still making their way across to dj’s and labels around the world. Some will be released on vinyl – I have one exclusive remix coming out of Netherlands this year, and my last EP “Acid Jungle” is still in the top sellers at Toolbox. A couple of digital releases also coming up from more remixes I made recently, in particular one of “Badman” for Lowriderz in Russia. I am touring a lot and have been fine-tuning the specific tastes from each city that ranges from classic jungle to newschool, jump-up, and of course drumstep and even hardcore. I have also been digging in my crates to convert old records that are hard-to-find but defined my sound in mixes from the early 2000’s, which have been getting really good crowd response.

Acid Jungle 01 Vinyl
Upcoming Vinyl release party
Upcoming Digital release

DRUMSTEP: In what programs you write and play?

DJ K: Production: Same as Rusko in this 2008 video, Sony Acid Pro 7 It allows me the simplicity of leaving samples un-stretched and un-effected if I wish, and the flexibility to easily chop as much as I want.
Performance: Serato DJ w/ vinyl or cd controllers. Admittedly, no sync.. I am oldschool.


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