DJ K – Killa Podcast V.51: Jungle Producers Spotlight: Belgium & Holland w/ MONKEYBUSINESS BMAN & 2TIMES + interviews with MAYSR & LIONDUB by guest correspondent FOREIGN SOUNDBWOY (Ottawa)

It has been a while since I have made a producer spotlight, but those who have been following the podcast since 2007, the first ones were always in this format: Krinjah, R.A.W., Capital J, Direct Feed, Mainframe and more.  Here are a couple of killer producers still following the original Jungle sound outta Northern Europe.


1. Liondub shout
2. Bman – Storm
3. Bman – Crazy Soundclash
4. Bman – Soundclash Dubplate
5. Bman – Soundclash Dubplate 2
6. 2Times – Murder Gets Done
7. 2Times – Root of all Evil
8. DJ K – On A Mission (2Times Remix)
9. Admiral Bailey – Unno Think Me Done (2Times Remix)
10. 2Times – Play me a Dubplate (DJ K Remix)
11. Bman – African Princess
12. Interview – Maysr by Foreign Soundbwoy
13. Bman – Move Along
14. Interview – Liondub by Foreign Soundbwoy



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