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Killa Podcast V.41 – Discussion Edition feat. STEPKILLAH, MIGHTY MELODY
November 25, 2011, 10:50 am
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This past weekend was extremely busy with shows both in Kiev and Dresden (with a stopover once again in Riga). It did not arrive and go so quickly without first documenting discussions about Jungle and related topics. Listen in to a couple of the most interesting podcast discussions I’ve had so far. Over one weekend in two different countries, I sit down with two of the biggest names in the European Jungle scene: Stepkillah and Mighty Melody. Among other topics, we discuss the difference between traditional music and dj-ing versus new electronic genres and digital performances, jungle (of course), breakbeat, party experiences and more.

Tune in to Episode 6:

1. Live clip: BSF Massive Festival Ukraine
2. Freestyle clip: Stepkillah backstage
3. Pre-show Interview: Stepkillah en-route
4. Backstage Interview: Stepkillah (w/ Zhukah)
5. Live clip: Blackboard Jungle Dresden (w/ Mighty Melody & MC Lia)
6. Interview & Discussion: Mighty Melody



DJ K – ExtraOrdinary Podcast for
November 17, 2011, 2:20 pm
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Along the theme of variety, I have put together an hour of different styles, starting with drumstep but moving quickly into jungle, jump-up, dnb, mashup and epic with a sprinkle of electro and oldies.  Hopefully you find it entertaining and remember to listen with an open mind.  Interesting music is all around you – as is evident with this mix as the music sources came from some of the most unknown soundcloud names right down to the biggest names on beatport.  I didn’t include any of my own productions in here, as I recently released an all-DJ K and Killa mix which you can find featured on the Killa Website and  As with all mixes, a large portion of it is unreleased or exclusive material, so you can be sure to hear something you have never heard before.

A special intro was recorded by East-German Dubwiser MC outta Chemnitz, also a nice Balkan remix by Leipzig’s own Ratz Batz.  Am Al Gamma and Mixmastah Zool I met in my trip to Siberia last month, and it features 2 other Russian producers DeadMan and FeyDer.  A few Canadians in there, notably Capital J, Sixteenarmedjack, Marcus Visionary, Mighty Dreadnaut, Locked and Stranjah, and an exclusive smasher “On The Floor VIP” which the original has been one of the biggest tunes in my arsonry over the last few months.  I pushed the volume levels a bit more than I normally do in most mixes so it will hit your ears harder than usual 😉


1. Dubwiser MC intro
2. Bludsport – Everytime (Bludsport remix)
3. Unknown – Eminem vs. 30 Seconds to Mars Drumstep mashup
4. Sixteenarmedjack – Make Your Choice
5. Wicked Squad feat. Ragga Twins – Whoodeehoo (Capital J remix)
6. Marcus Visionary – Big Bad Sound (Syanide remix)
7. Style of the Day – 80’s Night (+ Dubwiser MC shouts)
8. Calvertron – Devil’s Playground
9. Run Tingz feat. Tenor Fly & Blackout J.A. – Murda Ya Sound
10. Run Tingz feat. Tenor Fly & Blackout J.A. – Murda Ya Sound (Serial Killaz remix)
11. Serial Killaz – Fresh Styles
12. DeadMan feat. Busy Sygnal – Brave Bold
13. The Mighty Dreadnaut – My Shadow Weighs a Ton remix
14. Krimey – Bloodclot
15. Am Al Gamma – Bumbaclaat
16. Locked – The Cavern
17. Peshay – Jammin (FeyDer remix)
18. Stranjah – Suckerpunch
19. AFK – On The Floor VIP
20. Glebestar – Riding High
21. Masta Huda – Wooly Bully
22. Ratz Batz – Freylach remix
23. Mixmasta Zool – Sin
24. Feint – My Sunset
25. Feint – Those Eyes
26. Sanderson – Beautiful Click (SND remix)



Killa Podcast V.40 – Discussion Edition feat. Sixfootunda
November 12, 2011, 8:44 pm
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I had been meaning to catch up with the man behind Dub Chamber since starting the discussion podcasts, and I finally get the chance today over Skype to chat with Sixfootunda who resides on the west coast of America, one of the key players in the jungle scene out there over the last years.