Killa Podcast V.38 – Discussion Edition feat. Bizzy B, Fucknose, Dr Colossus & Robott (108 mins)

In the Killa Podcast Discussion episode 4, I catch up backstage with oldschool legend Bizzy B in Brighton to ask a few questions about the original movement back in the day before heading to London to sit down in Hyde Park with fellow junglists Fucknose, Dr Colossus and Robott to discuss all new things Jungle.  Topics covered include the Brighton DJ Academy, Soundsystems, Jungle Tek, Food Clef, Slow Jungle & Squat parties, while avoiding offers for MDMA, Rain Showers and Merry-go-Round muzak.

Respect to everyone out there making Jungle music a part of their ways of life:

DOWNLOAD MP3 (128K bitrate)

(closing track Robott “I’m so Tired”. Download & Donate to the Brighton DJ Academy:



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