Spliced & chopped highlight bits taken from the live recordings of Mighty Melody & DJ K across NA, Feb 26 to Mar 19.

Note: this is not a full mix, only pasted clips from along the tour!


1. Intro (live in Philly)
2. Mighty Melody Intro (live at Church)
3. Run 4 Cover – Psychofreud (live in Philly)
4. Champion Sound – MIR Crew (live in Philly / Brantford / Ottawa)
5. Sublime Lion – Keej (live in Toronto)
6. Good Girl Remix – Mighty Melody (live in Toronto)
7. El Shaddai Remix – Mighty Melody (live at Church)
8. Jam Session – Mighty Melody (live at Church)
9. Sweet Harmony Remix – Danny Byrd (live in Ottawa / Church)
10. Aztec – Spor (live at Church)
11. Original Nuttah Remix – Krinjah (live at Church / in Ottawa)
12. Rock Your Body (DJ K Edit) – Simon Bassline Smith (live in Toronto)
13. Tear Remix – DJ K (live in Brantford / San Diego)
14. Evah – Jonny L (live in San Diego)
15. Soundkilla – DJ K (live in Toronto)
16. DJ K Intro (live in Orange County)
17. 24-7 Remix – DJ K (live in Philly)
18. Dubplate Pressure Remix – Vinyl Syndicate (live in Philly)
19. Don’t Call It – Capital J (live in Philly)
20. Boomin In Ya Jeep – R.A.W. (live in Philly)
21. Walk With Your Friends – Crunk (live in Philly)
22. Style From the Darkside – Aphrodite (live in Philly)
23. T-10 Remix – DJ K (live in Philly)
24. Eternity Remix – DJ K (live in Philly)
25. Here I Am – DJ Ham , DJ Demo, Justin Time (live in Philly)
26. Smells Like A Lawsuit – Luna-C (live in Philly)
27. Elysium – Scott Brown (live in Philly)
28. Outro (live in San Diego)



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