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Killa Podcast 19
March 22, 2009, 3:00 pm
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live in Kiev Ukraine, January 2008

live in Kiev Ukraine, January 2008

A small collection of jungle dubs, new dnb and some hardcore, oldschool rave & ska twists.  Overall just a little tuneage before Spring.


1. intro (live in kiev ukraine feat. stepkillah)
2. d jahsta – hot hot hot
3. HoT – red blue killa
4. stepkillah – amen killa
5. origin unknown – valley of the shadows remix
6. break – jungle step
7. dj hose – smoke pipe
8. mtms – rubber room
9. fierce, break & nico – draw
10. ed rush & optical – pacman (the upbeats remix)
11. dj sharpnel – pacmaniacs
12. bong-ra – deathrave sucker
13. dj k – inside of me
14. HoT – bloodclaat war
15. onri & karma – nah sell out
16. mighty melody – jam session
17. no authority – first you rise (technokrates remix)
18. kana – pas de problemes (igit remix)



Killa Podcast 17
March 22, 2009, 2:59 pm
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DJ K, November 2008

DJ K, November 2008

1. Intro
2. D.I.S. – Jungle Buss Mi
3. DJ K feat. MC Chalice – Lagga Wankstah RMX
4. DJ K feat. Marina – 3RD Eye RMX
5. Diamond Geezer – Exodus
6. Mainframe & Twinhooker – Spiritual Enlightenment
7. Riddimskattah – Cop Killa
8. D.I.S. – Top Sound Killa (DJ K RMX)
9. DJ K – 60 Seconds
10. OSCI – Bun Down the System
11. DJ Brizzy – Only For You
12. JBostron – Dangerous
13. Badweed – Time to Rocksteady
14. SFB004 – Much Love


March 11, 2009, 7:06 am
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Where is Podcast 17, and when is Podcast 19 coming out? The last months have been quite busy for me and I have not had a chance to produce much while on tour. Now with only 3 more shows to go, I have more “studio” time to dedicate to music – which has always been at the heart of what I love to do – recording. Spring is almost here which reminds me of the Summer 2006 mix or the Summer vibez 2008 mixes and I get the feeling with the melting snow and longer days I have been dreaming of skateboarding the streets of Europe. Playing across this continent has been incredible. Unforgettable shows and people over the past months, it has been the best experience of my life.

So in answer to the questions, I am rounding out Podcast 19 – it is a mixture of jungle and drum & bass, with a couple of oldschool, hardcore and even ska surprises. On tour at most shows I have been playing quite hard and almost exclusively my own productions. The podcasts have been more of an opportunity for me to churn out whatever I am feeling like mixing here at home. This is why you’ll hear a lot more drum & bass, laid back tracks, and plates you almost never hear me play live. Just something new you can bump in your ipod.

And the long lost Podcast 17 mix was completed in November/December but has not yet been released. I wasn’t comfortable releasing it before the tour but I will have a link to it soon. I hope everyone is having a wicked Winter.


Andrew (DJ K)