dj k – short but sweet (podcast 16)

…it’s been an amazing summer filled with so much music, especially ragga jungle from around the world! the sheer number of tunes I’ve experienced this summer has been incredible – hot new producer after producer, release after release, show after show. I am amazed and humbled. so much to tell you about how good this makes me feel, what I’ve been up to, what I’ve experienced, what’s new with music, killa, my upcoming plans (big things soon!)… so much to tell the massive! but for now I bring you this quickmix (less than 29 minutes) of a few of the newest dubs, dnb & jungle to get the fall started.

but this is only a teaser.  keep it locked for details on how to get a special extended-length mix coming very soon…

1. in the new year intro
2. dj hose – dubstafari
3. feyder – 18 and over
4. diamond geezer – girl of my dreams
5. cabbie – in the black
6. NW2 – my way
7. bassface sascha – international sound
8. drum unit – i’m a hustla
9. feyder – crazy talk
10. prodigal son – bang bang bang
11. ez sniper – let me know
12. feyder – laura

much love – K



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